“I’m already in elite programs, I’m sure you’ve heard of “Guru X or Course B” so I just need someone to help me pick products, I don’t need the rest of your curriculum. Should I just book a coaching call with you so you can help me pick products?” 

I do things completely differently than GURUX or other programs. I don’t help people pick products, I help people discover opportunities, validate their product ideas, ensure they are winners, and launch with confidence. This allows you to be first to market with an awesome product that doesn’t require giveaways and ranking strategies taught in other courses. You put the product on the market and it sells well organically. Plus you can easily scale to other retail channels because you have something others cannot easily get their hands on.

This is not something easy to teach in one coaching session because most of my time is spent explaining WHY I DON’T TEACH ALL OF THESE THINGS YOU’VE SPENT THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS LEARNING. I have clients that paid $30k or more for “platinum elite” memberships of other programs and they are blown away at the information they are learning in my mastermind for only $49 a month. They book coaching sessions with me to make sure they are on the right track in between masterclasses.

I have to teach you why 30% is not enough margin for scalability, why you can’t find great products like this using product research software alone, and how to come up with great product ideas, do the market research, competitive analysis and validate your ideas. This is done in the first 10 hours of training in my mastermind group. This month we are focused on product development, another important skill to learn if you really want to differentiate. The next few months are focused on sourcing and setting up your business and branding.

So you can book a coaching session with me. It is one hour of time. But it will be really difficult to help you pick a product in that hour if everything you’ve learned is based on GURUX or COURSE B’s teachings. It’s not that GURU X is wrong. You can certainly make money by scaling to 800 SKUs and selling easy to copy commodity products slightly differentiated where you can dominate the keyword space of that niche. I just don’t play that game. I’d rather make a bunch of money off 2-3 really great products, build a brand with IP and sell it a few years later.

Let me give you an example of how I’m different. I’m in the pet niche… I had a call with a potential partner who has built their brand to over 7 figures in revenue and is a go-to brand for many products in categories where I also sell my products. I know this brand. They are a major competitor in the pet space. But we talked and I’m in a better position in many ways.  I’m at 20x multipliers on some of the same products they have very narrow margins on and I’m making crazy profits compared to them. So yes, they scaled to 7 figures in revenue and I’m still in 6 figures with my few products. BUT I have more profit in my pocket with every sale, I have better suppliers, better contracts and better profits. I also have patented products and I can scale into multiple retail channels more easily. We are working on partnering because I’m in a position to help them grow with my suppliers and margins and they can bring great experience to the table in terms of ranking and marketing (a skill I didn’t have to learn as much of because I don’t play commodity ranking games).

My foundation is solid. I have room to grow and plenty of money in my pocket.

Which road would you like to take? How long do you want to wait to break even or profit from your investment? How much do you like fighting for page 1 and playing ranking and giveaway games?

I’d recommend you book one coaching session with me. We can figure out where you’re at and what you want for your business. Then you can decide from there what kind of business model is best for you. But no matter how much money you’ve spent on these other programs, I can promise I’m not teaching the same thing.

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