Do you have a product but you’re not seeing the sales conversions you want? Keep reading to get 3 easy tips on how to optimize your next amazon product listing. 




The first thing to keep in mind for any Amazon Seller who’s looking to enhance their listing is to pay attention to the grammar. Since business is centered around trust and connection, Small grammatical mistakes can hurt the validity of your brand and product. Customers are more likely to trust you if they can trust the integrity of your writing. 

Use tools like Grammarly to enhance your use of correct grammar


Another reason you might not be seeing your listings convert is probably due to the improper use of keywords. Most of the time sellers use individual keywords instead of keyword phrases. For example when an amazon seller is using the keywords “water” and “bottle” separately and not a keyword phrase like “Blue Water Bottle” you’re less likely to be relevant in search than if you used related phrases. 



Lastly, product photos and our sellers’ bullet points play a huge role in conversions. That’s why Amazing At Home has developed a 7 photo strategy around customers’ copy that proves immediate results. 


For more help with product, photography click here 


The Seven Photo Strategies are as follows…

  • PHOTO 1: Bullet Point & Photo 1 should coexist in answering the first questions in the sales cycle, “Is this product right for me?” Our goal here is to define differentiation, and communicate why our customers’ needs will be met by the product we’re providing.


  • PHOTO 2: Bullet Point & Photo 2 also coexist in letting customers know visually and with written text what they get when purchasing your product. Customers should know the dimensions, how it’s used & any other special features.


  • PHOTO 3: The purpose of bullet point 3 is to show customers the quality & integrity of your product. (includes: special warranties or other money-back guarantees)


  • PHOTO 4: Bullet Point & Photo 4 is to let customers know how valuable the product is in their life. You’re letting the customer know that they don’t only want the product but need it.


  • PHOTO 5: Bullet Point & Photo 5 is letting your customer know why your product would make a great gift. If your product for whatever reason is not giftable you can also use this photo/ bullet to show your authority in the space.


  • PHOTO 6: Photo 6 is a comparison photo, comparing your photo to leading competitors.


  • PHOTO 7: Photo 7 can be another lifestyle photo, showing the customer how they’re going to feel after they have this product in their life.



Improving your conversions on Amazon can be difficult that’s why Amazing at Home is here to help you succeed. So, next time you’re writing your listing make sure your grammar is on point and your photo strategy really speak to your customer base.  So, whether you’re here to optimize your listing, improve your copy or photo strategy Amazing at Home is here to help you, from conceptualizing your idea all the way to launching your product! Click the Links below for more helpful tips, trips & courses. 

  • If you’d like to listen to Amy talk through each of these steps visit this link to view her feature on the Dr. Amazon Podcast: CLICK HERE 


  • To get Amy to personally review your listing and provide live video feedback: CLICK HERE 


  • To sign up for our more detailed explanation of how to optimize your listing, product photography, or copy with our Listing Optimization Masterclass: CLICK HERE 


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