Planning to be a part of the world’s largest sourcing expo? If the Canton Fair in China is on your business wishlist, you’re in for a treat. With this guide, we’ll have you prepped and ready faster than you can assemble an IKEA shelf.

📅 Dates to Remember:

October 24th to November 2nd and April 24th to May 3rd. Circle it, star it, or put a fancy sticker next to it on your calendar because that’s when we’re hosting our incredible China sourcing trip for business owners for phases two and three of the Cant… well, apparently not the fair where you sing! 😉 The Canton Fair.

💡 Insider Info:

🇨🇳 First-Time China Visitors!

Before we dive into the “How-Tos,” if you’re wondering, “Where the heck is Guangzhou?”, it’s about an hour from Hong Kong. So, dust off your atlas or Google it!

The Canton Fair is where you go to uncover those hidden gem suppliers you won’t stumble upon during your regular remote-sourcing escapades.

🚀 Ready, Set, Register:

🖥 How to Register:

  1. Hop onto the BEST app at Tip: Chrome and this site aren’t the best of buddies. Edge or Safari seems like a charming alternative.
  2. Click on English, then on Buyer. Confused? Look for ‘Attendance Guide for Buyers‘! That’s your yellow brick road.

⛔ Getting That Golden Ticket (Visa) to China:

  1. Before even thinking of packing, apply for a business visa. Not the touristy one, but the “I mean business” one.
  2. You need an invite from China! Thankfully, the Canton Fair offers a handy electronic application. Visit the BEST app from step 1 to grab yours.
  3. With invite in hand, dash to the embassy or consulate general of the PRC in your home country. Need help or more details on how to apply? Here’s a pro tip: Search online for express China Visa services near you! 
  4. Your visa category? “M” for ‘Magical Adventures in Commercial and Trade Activities’.

📜 Paperwork, Paperwork, and… More Paperwork!

Hold onto your invitation letter. Pair it with your passport (with two blank pages and at least 6 months from expiration), a photocopy of the passport’s photo page, and your visa application form and photo. Bonus: This will double as a memento of your adventures in paperwork.

🏨 Once You’re There:

You can strut your stuff at most hotels and register for the fair there. Our chosen abode even offers this service. How cool is that?

😂 Let’s Tickle Your Funny Bone:

Why did the supplier go to the Canton Fair? To “meet” their match. (Get it? Meat? Meet? 😉)

🎁 More Than Just Business:

📌 Join Us!

If traipsing around China and attending the Canton Fair with a bunch of cool people sounds like your idea of fun, come along from October 24th to November 2nd and April 24th to May 3rd. We promise it’s going to be better than your favorite Netflix series.

From visiting the Alibaba offices to touring factories and enjoying some surprise excursions, the trip promises memories worth more than any souvenir.

So, ready to unravel the Canton Fair mysteries? See you at

Still confused about the application process? For a closer look, tap into our step-by-step video tutorial of how to get registered.

📜 Decoding the Canton Fair Registration & China Visa Process! 📜 Confused about how to secure your spot at #CantonFair? 🤔 Turn your ‘Hmm’ into ‘Aha!’ with our step-by-step guide on the registration and visa process! 🎫✈️ Imagine a guide that clarifies the Canton Fair process with the ease of piecing together a 3-piece puzzle. Yep, it’s THAT easy when you have the right steps! And trust me, there’s no IKEA manual in sight. 😂 🔗 Dive into the humorous and clear guide for a stress-free Canton Fair experience here.

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